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Delivering to mobile first is beyond simply smart, it is vital in an ever increasingly device centric world. Our work is geared up for the market demands of the mobile economy.

Open Source

As a good digital citizen and contributor we draw on the work of a global movement, OSG remains at the cutting edge of technology, platform and software tools adoption.

Web Apps

Our focus is on delivering automation, services and accesibility by creating information platforms to reach the widest possible group of modern web connected citizens.

We do what we love

We deliver products and service solutions which are empowering citizens and improving access to information and transform lives everyday.

Design (UI)

Great design ensures the clear presentation of your message and the communication value of all visual components.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience is focused on the system ease of use and the overall experience a person has interacting with the system.

Applications (DEV)

At the very heart of what we do is application development. Our team builds great software and open source technologies.

Technology (OPS)

Great design and great apps need a great stack to run on. We take the guesswork out of managed infrastucture with devops and managed platform services.

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The workflow

OSG follows Agile/Lean development workflows.

Unless the systems and processes support the creation of great work, built-in quality and carve out opportunities for learning and improvement, results will be highly variable, interruptions and issues will accumulate over time quality will degrade and suffer as a result. Aware of what can go wrong and how, we take a vastly different approach to the production cycle which 'bakes-in' success as a feature.

Ideation. Building.

It's probably a good thing Charles Holland Duell never actually said "Everything that can be invented has been invented." because we think there is still a little work to do yet. In the lab we prototype and develop new ideas and new applications.

Continuous Integration.

The mantra "Deliver early. Deliver often." in software development only tells part of the story. Being truly efficient in delivering with agility requires flow. Continuos integration (CI) affords us autonomous quality control & production release cycles.

Evaluation. Review.

Completing the loop, we take care to reflect on the project taking user experience into the design cycle. We optimise and enhance on an interative basis in response to opportunities and demand. This is performed under an operating agreement.

Our Vision

CEO Message

Our mission is to deliver projects at the intersection of code, technology and design every day. Working closely with our clients, our team develops and maintains some of the most exceptional and transformative capacity building information systems created.

Meet the Team

Our talented and growing team look forward to talking to you about your next project. We take a great deal of satisfaction in serving our client's needs.

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